Santina Camilleri

Santina Camilleri

Meet Santina

Santina Camilleri has a long history of experience working with people with addiction problems. She has been working directly with clients since 1998 where she addresses addiction, relapse prevention skills and re-creating yourself.  She delivers groups on topics such as shifting addiction, relationships and co-dependency, identity, self-esteem and family roles. Santina is passionate about discovering the interplay between addiction, the mind, body and spirit.  She also works with family members offering them information about drugs and addiction.

Santina has attended a diversity of training along the years and has a B.A. Hons in Youth and Community Work at the University of Malta and is currently reading for a Masters in Counselling.


+356 7929 1817

Phone: +356 7929 1817
Willingness clinic, Mikielang Sapiano Street
Zebbug ZBG 1807, Malta