Steve Libreri

Steve Libreri

Meet Steve

Steve Libreri is a warranted social worker, HR professional and a licensed personal trainer who has been involved in many different human experiences and work settings. Throughout his path towards development he has led himself to rethink his style of work with people as he always felt that he was part of a system which provided a fragmented focus. In his attempt to provide a meaningful service, Steve now adopts a renewed holistic perspective which gives equal importance to the various experiences of the human being. Today, as a life coach, he works with clients in order to pursue balance in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimension of the human experience. This style of service is applicable to a variety of people who present different life problems as each program is tailored to the unique needs and history of the individual.


+356 7929 1817

Phone: +356 7929 1817
Willingness clinic, Mikielang Sapiano Street
Zebbug ZBG 1807, Malta