Mhabba Tezisti

L-imhabba tezisti?


Bdejt nitkellem ma’ guvni fuq Facebook ftit tax-xhur ilu u vera jghogobni.  Hu jidher interessat u anke qalli biex nibdew nohorgu flimkien izda nibza’ li nwegga’.  L-imhabba tezisti?  Jiena Ghandi 14 u meta kelli 9 ommi u missieri

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Ibni ta’ 16 jara l-pornografija

Dhalt fil-laptop tat-tifel u sibt li jara pornografija.  Dan normali ghal tifel ta’ 16 il-sena?


Sfortunatament, illum pornografija hi accessibli anke minn fuq tablets u mobiles.  Dan ifisser li l-edukazjoni saret hafna iktar importanti fejn tidhol pornografija.  Meta qabel il-genituri

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Male Sexual Health

Pelvic floor exercises should be considered as a first-line approach for men seeking long-term resolution of their erectile dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction usually results from more than one factor and several components, biological, psychological and relational can contribute to dysfunction. Among

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Male pelvic floor rehabilitation – Part 1/4

What does male pelvic floor rehabilitation consist of?

Pelvic floor physiotherapists use a wide range of treatment tools including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, biofeedback and electrical stimulation to train,strengthen and improve the function of the pelvic floor.

Where are the

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Male Confidence – Part 5

This program will help anyone in not just picking up women but even in getting a social life, building up a social fun network, building new experiences and traveling the world with a new light. Women are like a music

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Male Confidence – Part 4

Hobbies are a great way to express yourself and be you.  You feel that the whole concept of time has vanished and your face expressions are enlightened like a kid on Christmas day opening his presents!  When you are in

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Male Confidence – Part 3

When at the bar it’s much easier to make conversation with anyone when in your heart you know you are on the track of success in achieving what you want through your purpose.  This is because when you talk about

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Male Confidence – Part 2

Obstacles are there for us to grow and this what makes us stronger as men.  When a man goes for the desire of achieving he becomes very likable to the opposite sex.  Women love a man who knows what he

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Male Confidence – Part 1

Growing up I felt something was missing when it comes how to communicate to strangers and leave an impression especially with women.  I used to hate when I was told I must have confidence in this and in that and

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