Willingness | Who smokes weed in Malta?

Who smokes weed in Malta?

Considering the recent talks on legalizing marijuana in Malta and a systematic increase of countries legalizing it, we should be more aware of this growing social phenomenon.

Cannabis (aka weed or pot), is the most commonly used illicit drug among

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Willingness | Quarter- life crisis

Quarter- life crisis

So, you’ve finished your college studies (or you’re just about to graduate), you are twenty-something years old, and basically, “real life” is just about to start. But, you feel stuck. Instead of being excited, you feel anxious, confused and indecisive

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Willingness | Personality Disorders 2/2

Personality Disorders 2/2

In my previous blog I gave some general information about Personality disorders. In this blog I will tell you a bit more about Cluster B personality disorders, specifically Narcissistic and Borderline personality disorder.

When you have a Narcissistic personality disorder,

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Willingness | Personality Disorders 1/2

Personality Disorders 1/2

A personality disorder is described as “a deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of behaviour of a specified kind, typically apparent by the time of adolescence, causing long-term difficulties in personal relationships or in functioning in society.”

The Diagnostic and Statistical

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