Willingness|5 ways to move past childhood traumas

5 ways to move past childhood traumas

‘Some survivors of trauma are able to remember the traumatic incident through mental flashbacks, while others develop coping behaviors like dissociation, which pushes down the memory until they become so detached from it, it almost feels like it didn’t happen

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Willingness|Do I need a counsellor or a therapist?

Do I need a counsellor or a therapist?

We often hear the terms ‘counsellor’ and ‘therapist’ when referring to professionals in the mental health field. Although these terms are usually used interchangeably, these two professions are not the same. Yet, both professions assist their clients to work on

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Willingness|5 ways to improve self-awareness

5 ways to improve self-awareness

First of all, to be able to improve self-awareness, one needs to be aware that there are five elements which constitute self-awareness. These elements consist of:- 

  • Self-Concept; how one perceives oneself. These are formed from personal experiences, what you believe
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Willingness|What is transcultural counselling?

What is transcultural counselling?

When introducing myself to new clients, it sounds like ‘Hi and welcome to your first session. My name is Franziska and I’m a transcultural counsellor.’ – Wait, what does that mean? 

Transcultural counsellors in Malta have graduated from a 2-year

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Willingness|For kids that grew up too quickly

For kids that grew up too quickly

A 21-year-old young man walks into my office. He looks tired, stressed-out and anxious. He had just put out his cigarette before stepping inside. His gaze wanders all over the place, his legs are jumpy and restless as he sits

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Willingness|5 Ways to Listen to your Intuition

5 Ways to Listen to your Intuition

Your intuition is part of that gut feeling you feel when needing to make a decision, when something feels like the best decision you can make or even when you know something isn’t right. Despite our intuitive feelings, we still

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