Willingness|Meet Gracious Graziella 

Meet Gracious Graziella 

Graziella Vella graciously joined the Willingness team recently in September 2021. If you’ve been to a Willingness event since then, Graziella’s been the mastermind behind every single one of them. Read on to get to know Graziella and her role

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Willingness|Meet Radiant Rebecca

Meet Radiant Rebecca

Radiant Rebecca Cassar Allen joined the Willingness Team back in 2018 as a Systemic Family Therapist. When asked to describe herself in 3 words; artistic, appreciative and grounded all came to mind. We’d also say that she is quite a

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Willingness|Meet Jovial Julia

Meet Jovial Julia

Although Julia Chetcuti simply described herself as ‘open-minded, spontaneous and kind’, we’d say that she is also one of the most jovial members of the Willingness Team. 

She joined Willingness around 4 years ago, taking on the role of a

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Willingness|Meet Daring Danica

Meet Daring Danica

The words; loyal, passionate and professional can be used to describe daring Danica Cassar who joined the Willingness team 7 years ago, all the way back in 2016. What started out as an internship has now turned into something far

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Willingness|The Self and Ego in Gestalt Therapy

The Self and Ego in Gestalt Therapy

I’ve been hearing a lot of “What am I doing, this isn’t me, I’m not myself” in therapy lately. As a gestalt therapist, I have a tendency to stick to the word ‘self’ whenever I hear it mentioned. 


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Willingness|Meet Mindful Michaela

Meet Mindful Michaela

Michaela Pace is best described as a person who is fueled by passion, honesty and resilience. She joined the Willingness Team back in 2016 as a Childminder and has not looked back since.

We asked Michaela a couple of questions

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Willingness|Is Love Just Another Drug?

Is Love Just Another Drug?

Any type of addiction can be very harmful. Very often, the symptoms of intense romance resemble those of addiction and include euphoria, craving, dependence, withdrawal, and relapse. This is especially true during the early days of love known as the

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Willingness|Meet Mighty Dr.Marilyn

Meet Mighty Dr.Marilyn

When asked to describe herself in 3 words, Dr. Marilyn says that she is ambitious, adventurous and outgoing. Her journey with Willingness began 4 years ago, and she’s been an essential member of the Willingness Team ever since!

We asked

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