Drunk For Christmas Lunch

For many, Christmas is a focal point during the festive season and so are the parties, family gatherings and work functions that take place. Although it is a great time to celebrate, the amount of food, shopping and alcohol use

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The Path to Happiness…

As the festive season approaches, some look forward to cozy family gatherings and nights partying out with friends,  while others feel lost and overwhelmed  as they compare their acual life to what their expectations of  this time of the year

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Emotional Intelligence  

There are mixed reviews on the development of Emotional intelligence (EI). Some researchers suggest that it can be learned and strengthened via training while others claim it’s a characteristic you are born with. EI is the ability to perceive, control

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The missing pieces

We all must admit that during the COVID 19 pandemic we may have tried a thing or two to fill our time. For most people this would have been during our “lockdown” phase. We may have tried to do certain

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The Mind-Gut Connection

Our body consists of many organs that have their unique purpose and function. But do we know if they are somehow connected? Perhaps you can recall a time when after feeling anxiety, you had nausea or a time when you

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7 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

  Communication is defined as the process of transferring information from one place, person or group to another. Unfortunately, with us humans, it isn’t always that simple and we often have misunderstandings. Apart from affecting our relationships with those around

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Coping with the Stress of Moving House

Moving house can bring with it a range of different emotions. Sure, you may feel excited and looking forward to the change that living in a new house will bring. However, moving can also result in feelings such as stress,

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5 ways to achieve your goal

A goal is something that you want to achieve in your life and it can be related to different areas e.g. career, health, friendships, relationships etc . Usually, when a person sets a goal this is because they want to

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