Willingness|Meet Courteous Charlot

Meet Courteous Charlot

Courteous Charlot Cauchi joined the Willingness Team around a year ago as a Gestalt psychotherapist. He is a hardworking, grounding yet humorous individual who has been quite a welcoming addition to the team. Read on more to learn about Charlot’s

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Willingness|5 Tips to Deal with Post-Grad Blues

5 Tips to Deal with Post-Grad Blues

While studying for your degree or diploma, your one motivation to get through the stress is that one day it will finally be over and you graduated! You feel a sense of excitement for this day to come. 

However, for

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Willingness|Meet Free-Spirited Franziska

Meet Free-Spirited Franziska

On 14th May 2021, Free-Spirited Franziska Inge Richter met her first Willingness clients right after graduating as a Transcultural Counsellor. This open-minded, positive and unstoppable individual has had quite a positive influence on the Willingness Team and we’d like to

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Willingness|Why Compare Yourself to Another Person?

Why Compare Yourself to Another Person?

Measuring oneself versus others is a natural process for humans, and it can be beneficial in some cases. The urge to improve your own life might be sparked by feeling inspired by someone else’s accomplishments. Self-esteem can be boosted by

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Willingness|Meet Joyful Johanna

Meet Joyful Johanna

Joyful Johanna Cutajar joined the Willingness Team in 2021 as a counsellor. She describes herself as young, inquisitive and empathic which are qualities that make for an excellent member of the team. 

1. Describe Willingness in 3 words.

Johanna: Dynamic,

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Willingness|Did I inherit or develop my personality?

Did I inherit or develop my personality?

A devil, a born devil, on whose nature 

Nurture can never stick


Like father, like son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We have tons of idioms to express similarities between family members. We even use them

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Willingness|The Athlete and the Self

The Athlete and the Self

We talk about athletes as if they were a different human breed. We see them as super-
machines, capable of training for long periods and enduring incredible efforts. But, we tend to forget that they are just like the rest

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Willingness|Did my genes determine my body type?

Did my genes determine my body type?

I’m sure we’ve all picked up a magazine and stumbled upon a “Body Type Quiz”. Usually followed by a series of tips and tricks on how to better or alter said body type. But what really are these body types?

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Willingness|Meet Bold Branka

Meet Bold Branka

Bold Branka Mlinar describes herself as patient, responsible and curious. These are all qualities which have made Branka a vital member since joining around a year ago as a psychotherapist. Read on more to learn what Branka’s story with Willingness

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