Willingness|Stop Violence against Women

Stop Violence against Women

With the recent events in our country, resulting in the death of a woman, I feel compelled to give my contribution with this blog. I should point out, that although I will consciously attempt to keep my writings objective, I

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Willingness|What is Consent and what is not?

What is Consent and what is not?

There are some cases where consent just cannot be given. In fact, consent is considered null and invalid is specific situations and any enrolment for sex under these conditions may be termed as sexual abuse.

The person cannot give consent

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Willingness|Areas of Psychology - Part 3 of 3

Areas of Psychology – Part 3 of 3

With this blog, we will finish dealing with the main areas of psychology. There’s no time to waste, so let’s jump in!


  1. Health Psychology

Health psychologists’ main concern is to boost people’s health both in the short and long-term.

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Willingness|Areas of Psychology - Part 2 of 3

Areas of Psychology – Part 2 of 3

As promised in the previous blog, this blog will discuss some other intriguing areas that constitute psychology.

Let’s continue!


  1. Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology includes the assessment and treatment of mental illnesses and psychiatric problems such as depression, bipolar disorder,

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Willingness|Areas of Psychology - Part 1 of 3

Areas of Psychology – Part 1 of 3

Psychology? What is it?

Probably the first image that pops into your head is one of a client lying down on a couch while another person on the side jotting down everything that is said during that session. However, this

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Willingness|Losing a person you love - Part 1

Losing a person you love – Part 1

Losing a person you love is usually a difficult experience.  This loss, which can happen after a break-up, disagreement, separation or at times illness or death can leave us with a sense of emptiness, heartache and at times desperation…


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Willingness|Living the moment...

Living the moment…

How many times do we find ourselves ruminating on the past? Or planning and dreaming about the future? Now is all we have. The past is gone and who knows if we will make it to tomorrow?


Now is

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Attachment Styles

A famous psychiatrist known by the name as John Bowlby, noticed attachment styles in infants. This attachment style is present between the infants and his/her caregiver, generally the parents. Attachment style is like the bond shared between the two persons.

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Willingness|Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Parenting is difficult, there is no exact right or wrong way to go by it, however through positive parenting you can improve the relationship with your child.

Positive parenting can be defined as an approach to childcare that aids the

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