Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Therapies

by Institute of Family Therapy

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Maltese Version

It being the first of its kind in Europe the bachelor’s degree in Psychological Therapies provides a sound background to major concepts outlining psychotherapy including history of psychotherapy, theories of change, research in psychotherapy and ethical practice.  The nature of the course is intended to facilitate entry to Masters level training in any of the psychotherapeutic modalities taught on the course. Masters courses in Psychology have different entry requirements specific to their respective specialist area. It is considered standard practice in psychology and psychotherapy that a warrant is obtained only after the Masters level of training is achieved.

The bachelor’s degree in Psychological Therapies is a five-year part-time course designed to provide students with the necessary fundamental skills, knowledge, and competence to practice as assistant psychotherapists on the frontline in the mental health field. While this degree does not entitle its holder to register as a psychotherapist it definitely is a valuable requisite for further qualifying studies in psychotherapy and psychology. It is also an important start for further studies in Family Studies, Gender Studies, Management, Nursing, Pastoral Care, Medical and Health, Teaching and Education, and Human Resources among others. 

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