Amber Tabone

Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist


Amber is a trainee Psychotherapist at Willingness, who is also currently pursuing a Master's in Gestalt Psychotherapy at GPTIM.

After completing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and acquiring an Advanced Counselling Skills course, Amber started working within social services in an area related to child-parent relationships. Along with her studies, this nourished an understanding of family dynamics. She found that an interest in romantic relationships (including dynamics of power and control) also emerged later on while working within the Domestic Violence Unit.

Amber is energetic when it comes to continuously learning about human experience. understanding and empowering individuals and couples to experiment with positive change.

Her therapeutic interests include relationships, sexuality and gender, although taking into account the person in their entirety is essential to her practice. Amber is dedicated to creating a space safe and clear enough for a better understanding of the situation, exploration, and change.

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