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Branka Mlinar is a psychotherapist within the Willingness team.
She holds a BA in Clinical psychology that she obtained from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, and she is a licensed Gestalt psychotherapist (EAGT). She is currently completing her MA in Clinical Psychology at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy.
She started developing her private practice in 2017, and has been working as a psychotherapist ever since. She’s always enjoyed connecting with people, and that is what led her to her field. She is a Gestalt therapist, but she realizes that different clients have different needs, so she is very flexible and adapts to the individual she has in front of her. She is interested in other modalities too, such as Family Systems therapy, Body psychotherapy and CBT, which is often noticeable in her work. She focuses quite a bit on the body and on non-verbal communication, and she reports back to her clients, with high regard for their sensitivities and personalities. She strives to create a safe place in which clients won't be afraid to express their true selves. Apart from the work she does in her private practice, she also has experience in crisis intervention (having worked with different NGOs over the years), and she completed a one-year internship at a clinic in Belgrade, where she was trained in neuro-psychological diagnostics and personality assessment.
So far, she’s mainly worked with expats, adolescents and young adults dealing with developmental crisis, interpersonal and identity issues, stress, anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination, trauma, grief...
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