Dr. Candace Adams

Psychologist specialising in Sex & Relationships

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Dr. Adams is a US trained Psychologist, receiving my Master’s and Ph.D. in the Northeast. Her career as a psychologist has been a journey of evolution, beginning with a background in clinical and developmental psychology. She has enjoyed working with children and families in the areas of developmental and educational psychology as well as supporting families through the identification and planning for children’s varied learning needs. Her experience in statewide administration of health programs in the US, as well as University level teaching have given her further perspective to appreciate the diversity of human nature. An additional postdoctoral fellowship in maternal and child health and a further postdoctoral diploma further specializing in her current passion for psychosexual and relationship work have rounded out her expansive training and experience over several decades. This work and experience allows Dr. Adams to have a unique and thorough approach to clients individual needs.

As a sex and relationship therapist, Dr. Adams works in a multidisciplinary and holistic manner to address the whole person(s). She uses an integrated approach to therapy that draws on her varied training and experience, including developmental, health, cognitive behavioral, and relational perspectives. Through client interactions, you will build your understanding of yourself, your compassion for yourself and others, your ability to be vulnerable, and your courage to create fulfilling connections.

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