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Dr. Miguel Debono

Consultant in Endocrinology

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Dr Miguel Debono is a Consultant in Endocrinology and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the University of Sheffield, UK. His speciality interests and publications focus on endocrine reproductive disorders, adrenal disorders, glucocorticoid rhythms and glucocorticoid and sex hormone replacement treatment. He graduated as a medical doctor at the University of Malta. He has published important studies in patients with steroid disorders. He has occupied prominent roles on the National Institutes for Health Research (NIHR) UK academic pathways including that of Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology and Diabetes and Academic Clinical Fellow. He has been awarded an NIHR Biomedical Research Fellowship and an Endocrine Society and European Society of Endocrinology International Endocrine Scholarship. He secured Society for Endocrinology grants to carry out clinical and research work at the National Institutes of Health in the USA and is a member of the European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumours. He holds an NIHR RfPB grant to investigate for the presence of adrenal insufficiency using novel techniques. He is the lead endocrinologist for Transgender Medicine in Sheffield UK.


Dr Miguel Debono is the lead consultant overseeing the Testosterone Clinic and Gender Well-being Clinic at Willingness.

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