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Luca Caruana

Money Coach

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Luca Caruana is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®  at Willingness and the Founder of the Money Coaching Hub.

In 2011 he graduated from University for the first time.

In 2017 Luca graduated for the second time, this time with a Masters Degree in Finance and Investment.

Yet he still couldn’t understand the emotions and behaviours around how you earn, spend and save money. That is until he became a Certified Money Coach.

Luca works with clients to helps them get rid of their old money habits and create new, healthy relationships with their finances.

What is your money story? Do you feel anxiety when thinking about money? Or is it fear? Do you find it difficult to communicate about money with your partner and family?

Luca can help you understand your story and improve your relationship with money. Money coaching is a journey where you will feel in control, confident and comfortable with your finances

Services offered by Luca:

  1. Budgeting (Forecast Spending Plan)
  2. Introduction to Investing
  3. The Financial Transformation Programme (based on 5 sessions of 2 hours each)
  4. Couples Coaching Programme
  5. Financial Wellbeing Sessions and Workshops (to company employees)

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