Matthew Spagnol

Personal Trainer


My name is Matthew Spagnol, a Fitness Instructor and Personal Training based in Qawra. Over the past 25 years I have trained in many disciplines of team sports, weightlifting, combat sports, and martial arts. My interest developed into creating the most effective exercises to build overall body strength. I was not happy with traditional approaches, each with their specific (and limited number of) exercises, so I created my own system of training: Spagnol Strength.


The aim of my training system is to develop and maintain a body that feels light, energetic, strong, supple, and that is less susceptible to illness or injury. I do this by delivering a wide variety of functional movements that develop full-body strength and stamina. Aesthetics is secondary to strength and good health. My training sessions take place outdoors, because I believe that fresh air, the elements, and being in nature are a bonus to health.

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