Mel McElhatton

Mel McElhatton

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Mel McElhatton graduated from the University of Malta with a BA (hons) in Social Work. During
their time at University they used their involvement in student organisations to learn more, as
well as raise awareness, on social issues and mental health. This led to them co-founding the
organisation Gender Equality Malta.
With Willingness, Mel currently works as a life coach, and as a group facilitator in the newly set
up service IRL – In Real Life, which is a service for youths who need support in switching off
their screens and interacting socially with others in real life.
They are also the assistant producer on the radio show Niddiskutu s-Sess – which is a radio
show dedicated to raising awareness and educating the public about sex and relationships,
through various segments with professionals, experts in the field, and youth..
Mel is also passionate on the topics of spirituality, empowerment, sex, and relationships, and
their aim is to continue their studies with a Masters encompassing all these passions.


+356 7929 1817

Phone: +356 7929 1817
Willingness clinic, Mikielang Sapiano Street
Zebbug ZBG 1807, Malta