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Nicola Falzon

Partner & Sex Clinic Manager

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Since finishing her Bachelor of Psychology in 2016, Nicola is a Psychology Officer at Willingness. She takes care of Intake Meetings with clients, as well as delivers local and international workshops on various topics. Nicola believes in a community-based approach towards mental health, and enjoys combining experience and theory to fight the stigma behind mental illness. She is also a Psycho-Sexual Educator, delivering both one to one, as well as group Sex, Relationships & Dating Education Programmes.

Nicola has been involved in the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations(EFPSA) since 2014, where she previously held the role of Vice-President for two mandates, and is currently the EFPSA Representative in the Board of Educational Affairs of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). Moreover, she is currently in the Alumni Board for Betapsi- Psychology Students’ Association. Previously Nicola worked with YMCA Valletta, where she worked with individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Through these experiences she had the opportunity to train and be trained on an array of subjects while being exposed to different cultures, settings, techniques, and experiences of various people from around the globe.

While managing Willingness’ Events, Projects & Courses, Nicola also manages Sex Clinic Malta, overseeing the Multidisciplinary Team and operations of the Clinic. She is currently one of the Partners at Willingness, therefore is responsible for the management of the Willingness Team and overseeing its operations.

Nicola is currently training for a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy and aims to further her interest in Sex & Relationship Therapy and Queer studies.

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