Petra Borg

Petra Borg

Meet Petra

Petra Borg is the Internship Manager at Willingness. She also works as a Learning Support Assistant in a local primary school. She recent-ly graduated from the University of Malta with a Higher Diploma in Psychology, following a BA in English and Psychology. Through her work in the University psychology student organisation, she has been working with Willingness for the past 2 years, which included a num-ber of student-oriented events including psychology conferences and workshops. Now, as an official team member her work with Willing-ness propels her towards becoming a professional psychologist spe-cialising in child psychology.
Her undergraduate research focused on the phenomenon of expec-tancy and its effect on the interview, as a method of personnel selec-tion. She presented her research at 2015 Department of Psychology Conference entitled The Role of Psychology in the Maltese Society.
Her main interests are trauma and resilience, and their effects on a developing mind. Her current exposes her to children of all ages and learning abilities, giving her a solid foundation on which to continue building her career.


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Phone: +356 7929 1817
Willingness clinic, Mikielang Sapiano Street
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