Vilhelmiina Valimaki

Clinical Psychologist


Vilhelmiina is a Finnish psychologist who moved to Malta in 2018. She is registered as a Psychologist with the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health in Finland and as a Clinical Psychologist with the Malta Psychology Profession Board in Malta. She is also a registered EuroPsy psychologist of Clinical and Health with EFPA. She has obtained her degree of Master of Arts in Psychology in Jyväskylä University, Finland.

Before moving to Malta, she has worked in Finland with adolescents and their families. She has helped people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other mental health issues. Before that she worked in a family counselling center working with children, families and couples. Vilhelmiina has also worked as an independent entrepreneur focusing on sport and exercise psychology, organizational psychology and psychological coaching.  Sport psychology is one of her special interests and she has worked with several athletes in variety of different sports.

Her key strength as a psychologist is promoting mental health and well-being.  She has experience in supporting clients with mental health issues, relationship difficulties, family issues, big life changes or any sort of worries in their lives. Psychological coaching in sports and in work life are also her big interests.

As a person she is joyful, empathetic, open-minded, and eager to encounter new challenges. She believes that when living by our own values we are happier and that is the mantra she tries to follow also in her own life. As a psychologist she always wants to be compassionately present and thereby support the clients to take steps towards something new.

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