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Willingness was founded in 2011 with the concept of providing holistic services with regards to Family, Sex and Health. Willingness Team is a multidisciplinary team composed of different professionals with backgrounds in the therapeutic, medical, educational or social fields among others; mainly with a background in psychology. Our mission is bringing professionals and students together to fight the stigma of mental health by encouraging ‘the willingness to adapt’.

Our vision is a resilient self-aware society

…capable to address mental health effectively and adapt to life’s adversities more easily. To do this we follow the values of professionality, approachability, evidence-based practice, and team.

Currently, Willingness offers the following services: individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, sex and relationship therapy, integrative counselling, psychological assessments, cognitive behavioural therapy, child psychology, educational psychology, counselling for families going through illness, gestalt psychotherapy, career guidance, life coaching and parent coaching and consultations, among others. Therapeutic services are also available online through our online clinic.


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The Willingness Team also includes Physiotherapy, Gynaecological services as well as Genito-urinary Services, and other services related to sexual health through Sex Clinic Malta.

In addition to clinical services, Willingness offers Childminders by Willingness, psycho-sexual education sessions, and other psycho-educational, practical, and training activities such as webinars. Meanwhile, we present information at Conferences, Congresses and Educational and Training Events, both locally and internationally.

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