Being diagnosed with cancer can be a stressful experience. Waiting for results and facing the prospects of surgery, chemotherapy and oncological treatment can be extremely anxiety provoking. Throughout the process of treatment, individuals can face various issues including fatigue, fear of recurrence and death and difficulties with body image and sexuality.

Moreover, cancer challenges the whole family, not just the individual fighting the disease. It tends to disrupt the usual routine, creating the need to re-organise work and familial commitments. Partners are propelled into a care-giver’s role without much preparation and children might find it difficult to cope with seeing a parent who is unwell and unable to cope with their usual day to day role.

Our counsellor with a vast experience in cancer care looks at the needs of individuals facing cancer and those of their loved ones. Support for the family can be provided through individual counselling, couple work and therapeutic interventions adapted to children's needs from the time of cancer diagnosis to after treatment.

Professionals who provide this service:

Matthew Bartolo

Matthew Bartolo

Sex & Relationship Counsellor