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What is Sex Toy Consultation?

Sex is playful time between adults. When we are in that special intimate space, we go back to our most basic needs and our most basic instincts. If a couple has the ability to create such a safe space, where everyone can feel playful and free, sex can be much more pleasurable and intimate.People need sex aids for different reasons: spicing up their sex life; facilitate masturbation; help with sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic disorder, lack of desire and vaginismus), and disability.

Our specialist will guide you in purchasing the best toy for your needs / wants as well as explain how it is used and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Professionals who provide this service:

Seray Soyman

Seray Soyman

Clinical Psychosexologist

Guaranteed to be seen in 5 working days.