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Charlot Cauchi

Gestalt Psychotherapist

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Charlot Cauchi is a Gestalt Psychotherapist at Willingness Team. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) which he completed at the University of Malta. He also read for a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy with the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta (GPTIM).

Throughout his studies, Charlot collaborated with a number of organizations and saw clients from different backgrounds with presenting issues relating to mental health, self-development and domestic violence.

He has worked in the mental health sector for over six years and has a background in community mental health, including residential programs, assisted and independent living, which promotes autonomy for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness. Charlot has worked to combat the stigma assoiated with mental health disorders and is part of a forum aiming to eradicate poverty and social exclusion.

Charlot values the strengths and adjustment of each individual, while supporting the awareness and readiness for change. He believes in the potential for inner peace, which becomes more consistent when feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are well aligned.

His interest is working with adult clients with mental health difficulties, anxiety and depression, loss and grief, traumatic experiences, stress and relational issues.

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