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Clarice Cilia has graduated from the University of Malta as a podiatrist in 2017. Since then, she furthered here studies in Public Health and obtained a masters degree from the University of Malta in 2020. She has been working as a full-time podiatrist for the past 5 years at Karin Grech Hospital. She is also a committee member of the Association of Podiatrists of Malta.

She is mostly experienced with older adults and related foot problems including nail and skin care, wound management, vascular and neurological problems, and orthotics use. She really believes that ‘prevention is better than cure’ since most of the above problems can be prevented if due care is given.  Furthermore, most of her patients are individuals with diabetes mellitus. Unfortunately, most of these patients suffer from foot problems and it is a must for them to undergo a yearly foot examination.

Services offered:

  • Skin care including removal of calluses and corn
  • Nail care including ingrown toenails
  • Wound management
  • Lower limb vascular assessment
  • Lower limb neurological assessment
  • Biomechanical examination
  • Prescription of foot orthosis
  • Foot care advice

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