Are you looking for a stable income, while offering your professional service at the best possible standard?

Using evidence based practice and a multidisciplinary approach our team strives to be a leader in the mental health sector. We believe in the motto: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together"

Willingness is a team of self-employed professionals from different fields with one goal; that of helping individuals and their communities. Willingness takes pride in being different and encourages its members to engage in innovative ideas which could help the community at large. Willingness abides by it’s values of being fun, evidence-based, professional and approachable.

At Willingness, you choose your own hours, and we will provide you with clients. You will see them at our Hub or Clinic where you have a variety of different rooms to choose from. Being a Willingness professional means, that while you work on your own time with your own clients, you have the support of a team of diverse, yet like-minded professionals, with whom to share knowledge and experience on a bi-weekly basis.

We believe that a large part of what we do should be prevention, and awareness and this is why Willingness provides regular training, in order for Professionals to write blogs, present in conferences and give talks. We love all kinds of people: from all countries; religions; sexual orientations; body shapes; tattooed or long as you accept all others, we are accepting of you. Willingness Team is looking forward to receive your interest!

Join us and become a part of Willingness!

Guaranteed to be seen in 5 working days.