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Johanna Cutajar is a Counsellor at Willingness Team. She has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Maltese and Psychology, a Higher Diploma in Psychology, and a Master in Counselling from the University of Malta. Johanna believes that an eclectic approach offers more flexibility as it can accommodate different clients’ needs and, therefore, adopts this kind of approach when working with clients.

Her career in the helping profession started off as a Supervisor within Appogg were she used to support and provide children with a safe and beneficial environment when in direct contact with their non-custodial parents from whom they were separated. She then moved to Equal Partners Foundation where she used to assist children with learning difficulties in their studying and help them strengthen their cognitive, physical and social aspects. She also worked for a year as a Learning Support Assistant where she used to assist students, each with different abilities and needs in their academic subjects. Johanna also had the opportunity to work at The Lino Spiteri Foundation where she was the main source of initial contact and direction with clients with disabilities.

Her journey in the Education department started in 2017 where she started off as an Early Intervention Educator assisting children from one to five years of age experiencing developmental, medical, psychological, physical, learning and/or other difficulties. At this point, she was so eager to working therapeutically on a one-to-one basis with people of different ages that she applied for the M.Couns. course. Soon after she started, she applied for the position of a Trainee Counsellor within State Schools where she started and still is providing therapy sessions with students in need and concurrently working with their parents.

Finally, despite the variety of issues that she has worked with, her main areas of interest include anxiety, relationship issues, children and adolescents, trauma, and transitions.

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