Online Counselling

Sometimes individuals might not wish to meet one of our team members at the clinic for varied reasons. Fear not, we are here to accommodate! We provide online counselling to individuals who wish to receive a different form of professional help.


So what is online counselling? It is a form of counselling which incorporates the use of modern technology to facilitate engagement between the professional and the client. We provide; video conferencing, email and chat counselling. Each modality is different, however they suit different needs for different people.


We assure you that all the privacy measures are taken when providing our online counselling service. However, we feel it is important to speak about both advantages and disadvantages of online counselling prior to engaging with our service.


Advantages of online counselling include:

Convenience – Individuals can access this service from anywhere as long as he has a personal computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

Disinhibition – Research indicates that when online individuals tend to let their guard down as they have more control over the conversation with the professional.


Disadvantages of online counselling include:


Limitations of technology – Due to the particular platform and providers, contact might be lost with the professional either due to a problem with from the internet provider or device malfunction. However a tailor made protocol will be set up with your professional in cases like these so that the session will continue without any problems.


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