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Lisa Laspina

Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist

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Lisa Laspina obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2017 from the University of Malta. She is currently in her final year of the Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She joined Willingness Team in 2021 and has been providing Emotional Support Sessions.

Since completing her degree, Lisa has worked closely with children with learning difficulties. Lisa has also worked in the Community Mental Health Sector, supporting individuals struggling with their mental health to become more independent in their daily lives and find healthy ways to cope with their struggles. Through her work Lisa has developed a passion for reducing the stigma around Mental Health and working towards a more inclusive and supportive society. Lisa also feels passionately about supporting clients to reach a higher level of awareness and understanding of themselves in order to facilitate growth and positive change.

Lisa has an interest in working with clients presenting with anxiety and depression, loss and identity exploration, as well as stress and relational issues.


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