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Matthew Bartolo

Founding Partner, Sex and Relationship Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor

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Matthew Bartolo's long journey of trying and testing different careers made him an international public speaker and trainer in sexuality education, sex and relationship psychotherapy, and business and management coaching. His growing dedication to these fields reflects his love for developing strong bonds between people, supporting colleagues in their clinical work, and enabling leaders and business owners through smart business plans. For Bartolo, this was a long and varied journey. From excelling in serving at a silver service level and setting up his venture in hairdressing to working on diverse projects related to psychology, he has accumulated a lot of business acumen and experience working with different types of personalities.

He also founded and still leads the Willingness Team. This creative multidisciplinary team works together to offer professional services in sexual health, family dynamics, health, and general well-being. Matthew's educational background is as broad as his work experience. Having studied Psychology, Psychotherapy, marketing, and education whilst getting training in diverse disciplines such as drama solidifies what he is so passionate about - Pushing people to become a better version of themselves. Anti-Fragile self - as he likes to say.

An experienced speaker, Matthew has presented his thoughts on a variety of subjects, such as parenting, motivation, and the complexities of sex and sexuality, at both international and national conferences. His pedagogical outreach encompasses multiple professional associations, highlighting the importance of discussing sexual issues with patients and clients. His vast background includes working with a wide range of populations, including children in residential care, couples, people struggling with addiction, asylum seekers, and members of the LGBTIQ community. These exchanges enhanced his comprehension of life's intricacies, the transforming potential of therapy, and the need to have an optimistic view.

Matthew advocates sex education, which he shares through being actively involved in sexclinicmalta.com, a resource website for parents, teens and educators, and creating exciting TV and radio shows that candidly address relationships and sexual health. He has lectured and trained professionals and students in Lithuania, Guatemala, Azerbaijan, Ireland, England, and Hungary.

Matthew also chaired the Health and Wellness Committee at the Malta Chamber of Commerce and was nominated twice for his entrepreneurial accomplishments. The Willingness Team was nominated for its social impact and also won the prestigious Leader in Mental Health Wellness award by the business community at the Malta Chamber of Small and MediumĀ Enterprises.

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