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Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that is misunderstood by many including patients themselves, their families, as well as healthcare staff. Fibromyalgia symptoms can include pain in different body parts, tiredness and fatigue, difficulty concentrating and memory loss.


Whilst there is no cure for fibromyalgia yet, there are therapies that one can use to better their mental and physical wellbeing. At Willingness we have professionals that can help you understand what fibromyalgia means to you as fibromyalgia treatment is not the same for everyone.  Therapies can include medical interventions such as help from doctors and medication, lifestyle interventions such as exercises, relaxation techniques and stress-reducing interventions. Such lifestyle interventions can be guided by health psychologists who will teach you how and when to use such interventions. Health psychologists can also help with your mental wellbeing; allowing you to talk about how fibromyalgia is impacting your life on an emotional, personal, and social level.


Professionals like physiotherapists, dietitians and occupational therapists can help with providing support with activities of daily living and mobility whilst managing your pain better.

Professionals who provide this service:

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Danica Cassar

Partner & Health Clinic Manager

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Lukas Bachmeier

Personal Trainer

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Roberto Agius


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