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Yasmine Bonnici has obtained a degree in nursing (Hons) and a Masters in Counselling (Melit) from the University of Malta.She was drawn to counselling because she felt that in the medical field there is a tendency to focus on one’s physical needs and neglect the psychological aspect. Thus this led to her to achieve her temporary warrant in counselling.

She has worked with children in middle school, where she dealt mainly with separation anxiety, bullying and self-esteem issues and with Victim Support Malta. This gave her the opportunity to work with victims of domestic violence, cyber crime and has recently also started working on suicide prevention and bereavement. Yasmine has furthered her studies by taking on short courses on Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Behavioural therapy and Bereavement Counselling with Oplex Careers. These enable her to keep updated with current literature and therapies.

Yasmine prefers using an eclectic approach to counselling because she believes that the modality of therapy highly depends on the presenting issue and the individual. Her interest and passion are working with trauma, identity issues and problems in the family unit.

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