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Pamela Borg is a Counsellor at Willingness Team. She first graduated from the University of Malta with an Honours degree in Psychology, and then went on to realize her dream of studying abroad, where she read for an M.Sc. in Applied Psychology at Ulster University. She was then interested in furthering her studies to work with people therapeutically, and therefore then read for a Master in Counselling at the University in Malta. Pamela has a background of working in community mental health, as well as counselling people in forensic settings. She also works as a counsellor with people exploring their gender identity and who are undergoing gender transition.

Pamela is passionate about supporting people to grow in their self-awareness and live their most fulfilling, authentic lives. She believes that counselling can help people unlock their potential and explore the inner resources required to be able to bring about change and better one’s life. Pamela works with individuals experiencing difficulties in the following areas: mental health, gender and sexuality, relationships, and adjusting to life transitions. She enjoys working in a person-centred and collaborative way to support her clients reach their goals for therapy.
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