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What is Camp Willingness?

Many parents had been asking us to do something fun for kids during summer. We formed a team of psychologists, counsellors, education experts, and people who know how to create fun activities to design a summer school programme with the aim of teaching young ones about emotions, respect, responsibility, and other social skills so much needed in today's world.

Camp Willingness Summer School is a 9 week programme for children aged between 4 years and 12 years.

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Following our first Camp Willingness Summer School, many asked us to continue the programme throughout the scholastic year. This is why we launched Camp Willingness Saturdays; an adaption of the Summer School programme, which takes place in Buskett.


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Many studies have shown that outdoor learning improves children’s physical, mental, and social health. Learning in nature has also shown to be beneficial for decreasing symptoms of ADHD as well as stress levels in children.

These reinvented programmes are beneficial to children for the following reasons:

  • Socialisation

Children learn how to connect with the world and others through peer-to-peer socialisation and building strong relationships with those around them, including their teachers. Through these camps, children will have the opportunity to reintegrate with peers, giving special attention to developing their own identity as well as how they engage with others.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Another ability which is strengthened through socialisation is that of emotional intelligence. This is defined as the ability to identify and manage your own and other people’s emotions. Whilst this is also learnt through interaction with family members, this ability is highly influenced by the child’s interactions with peers and teachers.

These camps will be focusing on helping children improve their problem-solving skills, teamwork, responsibility, emotional regulation, and empathy through fun activities designed by experts.

  • Mindfulness

Activities such as yoga can also serve as a time for mindfulness in children; encouraging them to focus on the present moment and being aware of their physical and mental state.

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Mindfulness is a practice that children of all ages can benefit from. Mindfulness helps children with their ability to focus as well as develops their self-control, self-awareness, and improves their self-esteem.

If you would like more information about our Camp Willingness programme, you can give us a call on 79291817 or email us on info@willingness.com.mt. If you would like to send your child on this exciting journey and secure their place at Camp Willingness Summer Camp 2022, you can apply here for Malta and here for Gozo.

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