Willingness|How can I better understand my sexual needs?

How can I better understand my sexual needs?

Our upbringing and environment have a profound influence on the development of our sexual attitudes and behaviours. They can affect our sexuality in many ways, including the way we learn about and explore our own sexuality, how we form relationships,

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Willingness|Raising children: Establishing house rules

Raising children: Establishing house rules

Just like societies, companies, and schools have rules, or codes of conduct, a house needs its own rules too. The primary aim of having house rules is to support our children in learning the boundaries within which they need to

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Willingness|Depression: The Silent Killer

Depression: The Silent Killer

We have all heard of the word depression and claim to understand its meaning.  Nevertheless, those suffering from major depressive disorder express that the people  around them do not understand the significance of this condition. When it comes to  depression,

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Willingness|The Benefits of Swimming Once a Day

The Benefits of Swimming Once a Day

We are on an island surrounded by water and can pretty much swim every day of the year even in the winter if you are brave enough for the cold water. The physical and psychological effects of swimming can have

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Willingness|Am I Gay or Just Curious?

Am I Gay or Just Curious?

Am I Gay or Just Curious?

Sexuality is fluid and complicated. No matter how much society tries to fit people into neat and compact labelled boxes, the truth is that things like sexual orientation are difficult to compartmentalize in this

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Willingness|Relationship Green Flags: What are They?

Relationship Green Flags: What are They?

We constantly hear about red flags in relationships, like when there is a lack of trust, co-dependency, or other unhealthy behaviours. But what about green flags? It is just as important to note that there can be green flags in

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Willingness|Does ice cream cool you down?

Does ice cream cool you down?

With the extreme heat during the summer months there is nothing quite as refreshing as ice cream to cool you down, I mean cold foods = cooling down, right?

It turns out that ice cream makes your body warmer.


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Willingness|Should I Start Family or Individual Therapy?

Should I Start Family or Individual Therapy?

Deciding whether you should start family or individual therapy can be a big decision and every case is different. As the names imply, individual therapy concentrates on a person’s personal struggles, whereas family therapy looks outside the individual and adopts

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