Willingness|The pros and cons of being your own boss

The pros and cons of being your own boss

Work takes up a huge part of one’s life and hence it is important for one to enjoy one’s work. Additionally, one needs to factor in other conditions such as wage, relationship with colleagues, level of stress and one’s superior. 

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Willingness|Appreciating motherhood through becoming a mother

Appreciating motherhood through becoming a mother

When thinking of having a baby, one usually thinks of the hard labor and some struggles that parenting might bring (Crawford, 2021). Nevertheless, becoming a mother myself is what shed light into the true significance of motherhood and thus enabled

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Willingness|Meet Radiant Rebecca

Meet Radiant Rebecca

Radiant Rebecca Cassar Allen joined the Willingness Team back in 2018 as a Systemic Family Therapist. When asked to describe herself in 3 words; artistic, appreciative and grounded all came to mind. We’d also say that she is quite a

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Willingness|Meet Jovial Julia

Meet Jovial Julia

Although Julia Chetcuti simply described herself as ‘open-minded, spontaneous and kind’, we’d say that she is also one of the most jovial members of the Willingness Team. 

She joined Willingness around 4 years ago, taking on the role of a

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