Willingness|<strong>Where do I fit in a work-life balance? </strong>

Where do I fit in a work-life balance? 

The concept of balancing one’s professional life and one’s personal life is something we have all heard of. However, where does one fit in all of this? What does one’s personal life mean? Sometimes we confuse our personal life with

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Willingness|<strong>Can school cause burnout?</strong>

Can school cause burnout?

In terms of a student’s academic and social development, college life is regarded as important. While college students gain opportunities for learning, maturation, change, and development during their studies, they may also encounter issues with their ability to balance their

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Willingness|Burnout in Children

Burnout in Children

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. It is typically associated with adults who are dealing with work-related stress or other adult responsibilities. However, it is important to recognize that children can also

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Willingness|<strong>Why you should take your workout outside</strong>

Why you should take your workout outside

The benefits of exercise are well known as well as the idea of having a balanced diet. Nevertheless, there are a number of individuals who do not engage in any sort of physical activity. Reasons for doing so range from

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Willingness|Self-care is Vital

Self-care is Vital

Some confuse the act of self-care with selfishness, where one simply thinks of oneself at the expense of others. Others experience guilt at the thought of having some time for themselves. Therefore this blog aims to explain self-care and its

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Willingness|Ten reasons to exercise with a group

Ten reasons to exercise with a group

We all know that doing exercise is good for our physical and mental health. Some people use workouts as their way of relaxing and destressing and therefore manage to keep up their motivation and exercise regularly. However, for others, the

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Willingness|<strong>Bringing Spirituality to the Therapy Room</strong>

Bringing Spirituality to the Therapy Room

Individuals bring many aspects of their life into the therapy room, and even though some areas may not be referred to directly, each of these areas interrelate with each other and have an impact on the individual and the lived

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