What’s the difference between OCD & OCPD?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There is a common misconception between the terms OCD and OCPD. However, one stands for obsessive compulsive disorder and the other for obsessive compulsive personality disorder. While they both have similar names and symptoms, they are … Read more

5 Natural ways to reduce anxiety

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Anxiety can affect our life on so many levels, whether you are suffering from anxiety attacks, feeling anxious at particular moments or currently feeling anxious due to the COVID19 pandemic, it is important for us to … Read more

6 Symptoms of Depression

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today, we know that depression is a phenomenon found in different cultures across the globe. Depression may be expressed in a variety of ways; with elements of anxiety or anger for some individuals, while others may … Read more

How do I stop procrastinating?

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One of the main reasons we lack motivation to study is that we procrastinate. With the saying “I will do it later” or “I will do it tomorrow” looming in our head. But why do we … Read more

Life Lessons No One Teaches You

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Learning is a big part of growing up, and even in our early to late adulthood we still learn. Learning comes from multiples sources; learning from academic institutions, from intimate relationships, from parenting, as well as … Read more

Personality Traits part 3 |Paranoid Styles

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The relatively stable way of how we organise our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in different situations is what we usually refer to as our personality. When our personality loses its ability to be flexible and isn’t … Read more

Is-soltu nkunu msiefrin

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Is-safar jista’ jfisser numru t’affarjiet għal persuni differenti. Hawn min ifittex is-safar għal bidla fir-rutina u l-ambjent, jew għal opportunita’ li jqatta’ ħin fuq btala ma’ dawk il-persuni li huma għal qalbu, kif ukoll għas-sens t’ … Read more

I feel lonely and sad

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You may have heard the phrase ‘no man is an island’. This means that people need each other to survive in a healthy manner, as when they are isolated from society they do not function at … Read more