Willingness|<strong>What is Prozac and why is it used?</strong>

What is Prozac and why is it used?

Prozac is the brand name for the medication Fluoxetine. It is used to treat different mental health conditions such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), certain eating disorders and panic disorder. The following points provide some further information about Prozac. 


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Willingness|<strong>Why Does Commitment Freak Me Out?</strong>

Why Does Commitment Freak Me Out?

The term ‘Scared of Commitment’ has somehow lost its meaning due to how much it is used in casual conversation. The truth is that some people experience intense feelings of anxiety and stress when faced with a situation they must

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Willingness|Prepping for Travelling Post Covid

Prepping for Travelling Post Covid

More than two and a half years have passed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Needless to say, in some way or another everyone was affected by this pandemic. Most countries have now returned to what was once normality or an

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Willingness|Myth Buster: Bipolar Disorder

Myth Buster: Bipolar Disorder

Despite being a reasonably prevalent mental condition, bipolar disorder is  underrepresented. Many people think that someone with bipolar disorder is consistently either happy or  sad. This might lead to people diagnosed with bipolar disorder frequently feeling  unsupported and misunderstood due

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Willingness|How to learn to be alone

How to learn to be alone

Coming out of a global pandemic, just recently many people were spending a lot of time alone – during lockdown, in quarantine, …  We are speaking about imposed alone time here. When actually choosing to be alone, there can be

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