3 ways to regulate your stress levels better

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The human stress response

 ‘Stress’ refers to the biological and psychological reactions to a perceived ‘threat’ from the environment. Being able to automatically perceive and react to a threat in our environment has helped our ancestors … Read more

I Feel So Lonely

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If I had to define loneliness, it would be something like; craving contact with what is other than yourself. With this, I imply that loneliness is also something which prevents us from being at peace with … Read more

Servizi di Psicologia in Italiano

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La Willingness Clinic da oggi offre servizi di psicologia in italiano, per rispondere alle esigenze di molte persone di ogni parte d’Italia che attualmente vivono a Malta.

L’obiettivo degli incontri di psicologia in lingua italiana è … Read more

I’m Thinking of Committing Suicide

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When hearing about suicide, we often get these feelings of dread and despair, even if it is not about us. By definition, it is the ending of one’s life, voluntarily committed by himself or herself. … Read more

Understanding personality traits | Part 1

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What is ‘Personality’?    

The definition of personality I will be using, refers to a relatively stable way of how a person organizes their thoughts, feelings and behaviour in different situations (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The … Read more