Every year the Willingness Team hosts international and local interns for a 2- month internship. At Willingness, we believe that becoming a professional means that one has the skills, knowledge and attributes to work with, and help others. We also believe that whatever we do we have to enjoy doing it. Therefore, during our Internship Programme interns are encouraged to make use of their knowledge and conduct research projects which will push them to use their skills and passion to network and be creative.

The internship will consist of training with multiple professionals from the multidisciplinary team, where case reviews are presented and discussed from the particular modality, including sex and relationship therapy, family therapy, counselling, psychotherapy and many others.

Interns are given training on academic blog writing, presentation skills, as well as research projects via social experiments, clinical audits, real-client multidisciplinary case reviews and data inputting. Interns also benefit from weekly clinical supervision, among other activities.

The students are also offered group and individual supervision by the Internship Manger plus 2 sessions of appraisals that will lead to the final letter of recommendation.

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