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What is Gynaecology?


Gynaecology is the aspect relating to Women’s Health in all phases of a woman’s life including menstrual and fertility issues as well as issues that can be affected by menopause such as hormonal effects and incontinence. There are also aspects of paediatric gynaecology, e.g. delayed period or premature puberty that we can deal with. 

Gynaecology services also include preconception advice or infertility investigations and referral.

Female Sexual Health advice regarding prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and their complications as well as vaginal or vulval issues, such as irritation or abnormal discharge or lumps. 

Transgender males are also welcome should they require advice regarding pelvic pain or smear tests (if female organs are still present).

Contraceptive Advice services include consultations regarding which is the ideal contraception for you or emergency contraceptive advice.

Professionals who provide this service:

Dr. Andrew Sammut

Dr. Andrew Sammut

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Dr. Silvaine Dalli

Dr. Silvaine Dalli

Gynaecology & Women's Health Doctor

Guaranteed to be seen in 5 working days.