Parent Coaching

Many feel that parenting is a natural quality. Yet as time goes by, parents realise that they are not entirely prepared for everything that their child sends their way. How do we stop tantrums? How do we control misbehaviour? How do we get these kids to sleep? It is at that point where parents usually start wishing for a manual which gives all the answers. The matter here is that parenting is not natural. It is a skill for which we have been preparing for all our lives. We learn to be parents, through our parents.

We form our style of parenting according to how our parents cared for us. At times, this training would not give us all the skills we need to cover all bases. The parent coach has a vast repertoire of skills and techniques which could prove useful for specific situations. The parent coach, just like any other coach, will pair up with the parent in the family court and teach the skills necessary to up the game. The parent coach will empower the parents to learn these new methods and hopefully improve their weak areas of parenting.


Package outline

The basic package consists of approximately nine (9) sessions. Length of session will vary according to the presenting problem or presenting needs.

• Preliminary session

• Assessment phase

• Observation sessions (minimum of three sessions of a minimum of two hours each)

• Sit down discussion (one session of one to three hours)

• Contract Setting

• Coaching session (minimum of two to three sessions of a minimum of two hours each)

• Evaluation

• Trial Period (period of time without supervision by coach)


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