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What is Parent Coaching?


Parent Coaching aims at supporting parents with the upbringing of their children. It is a space to identify what isn’t working and what is happening to impede things from working out.  Sessions with the Parent Coach ensures that parents can speak freely about their concerns and set an agenda.  The Parent Coach will then carry out observations at home, during different times, in order to get an objective picture of the dynamics and interactions happening.  This is optimal to observe subtle things which parents and children may not be aware of.   The Parent Coach then reports to our Educational psychologist, Child counsellor, and family therapist for feedback on how you, as parents, can change the behaviour you like at home. 


Reviews and discussions are carried out, and time specified goals which are tangible and specific are set, together with you, as guardians / carers.  

Parent coaching is a well established program that has helped many. It gives a more in depth, holistic approach to behaviour management, as it involves real life observations, and discussions on a family level with professionals.

Professionals who provide this service:

Abigail Church

Abigail Church


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