What is Parentopedia?


Our Facebook Group, Parentopedia Malta is an initiative supported by Willingness. Parentopedia is a space for parents, professionals, grandparents and prospective parents. It has been designed in the image of an encyclopedia which tries to offer as much information, tips and resources as possible in relation to parenthood. This space exists to provide a rich forum of discussion that we all can use, share and benefit from. Parentopedia has the objective to give you what you need as a caregiver. Should you have any queries about parenting but would like to remain anonymous, we encourage you to contact us on our Facebook page, Willingness Team, and your question will be posted on Parentopedia for other parents and professionals to comment on any advice they might have.

Professionals who provide this service:

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Abigail Church


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Julia Chetcuti

Administration Manager

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Childminders Malta


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