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What are Supervised Access Visits?

Willingness provides a service of supervised access visits to support children and parents during separation. This helps the children and parents to maintain contact and continue building their relationship, especially since this experience can have a lingering effect on all parties involved.

This service offers non-custodial parents, safe and structured visits with their children whilst being supervised by our supervisors on our premises in Haż-Żebbuġ, in a homely environment, which helps both children and parents feel more at ease.

Our supervisors all have a background in childcare, psychology or the social sciences. They are also heavily trained and regularly supervised by lead clinicians at Willingness and have been thoroughly screened. This is done in order to ensure that the children are in safe hands.

Our supervisors provide a neutral, non-judgmental, and safe service to all parties whilst ensuring that any agreements made are upheld. We provide flexible hours and stability.

A thorough report is written by the supervisors following the supervised visit, which will include any notable incidents as well as a run-down of the whole session which will be discussed in a multi-disciplinary team, to continue enhancing the plan which will benefit all parties involved.

Contact: manager@childmindersmalta.com

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