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Clarissa Farrugia

Admin Manager

  • info@willingness.com.mt

In 2008, I knew that I wanted to start my career in the administrative sector, therefore I took a course for 2 years with MCAST for Administrative and Secretarial duties. Then after that, I gained experience in tourism and insurance industries for 4 years working in the administration. 

At Willingness, I am the point of contact.  All our clients would contact me as they would be seeking assistance in counselling or therapy – and I would then direct them to the most suitable professional who would be able to help them for their particular issue.

I also co-ordinate and organise all of our events and workshops held throughout the year. These workshops would be either for professionals or parents. 

Working at Willingness is a passion for me as I constantly communicate with our clients over the phone or online, and I get to see their appreciation towards what we do to help them.  This, and the team bond at Willingness, give me the satisfaction that I do not find at any other workplace. 

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