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Dr. Donia Gamoudi

Genito-urinary Specialist

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Dr Donia Gamoudi graduated from University of Malta as a doctor of medicine and surgery in 2011.After working for 6 years in Malta in various medical and surgical specialties, she moved to the United Kingdom where she furthered her specialist training in Genito-Urinary Medicine at the Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust for 3 years.

Her work led to a specialization in the field of sexually transmitted infections, HIV, contraception and psychosexual medicine. During her training Dr Gamoudi managed to obtain 3 diplomas in Genitourinary Medicine, HIV Medicine and Sexual and Reproductive health and presented on various topics at both local and international conferences.

She is keen on teaching and taught the HIV and STI modular courses to various medical students and other healthcare professionals.

Dr Gamoudi has played a pivotal part in the Pre- exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) Impact Trial as a subinvestigator and delivering PreP clinics for both trial and self-sourcing patients. She has therefore gained a lot of experience in managing complications of PreP and PreP follow up.

Dr Gamoudi is an active member of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH), British HIV Association (BHIVA) and the International Union against STIs (IUSTI).  She is also the first author of the European guideline on the organization of a consultation for sexually transmitted infections. She has a subspecialist interest in HIV and antenatal care and has contributed to the BHIVA national guidelines on this.

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