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Kirby Cutajar

Speech Language Pathologist

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Kirby Cutajar is a qualified Speech and Language Pathologist working with a diverse range of clients including both paediatric as well as adult and geriatric clients experiencing speech, language, and communication challenges due to developmental delays and disabilities. Kirby also assists clients who suffer head trauma or stroke which impacts functional communication.

Her main goal is to develop intervention methods which improve the quality of life of her clients whilst also supporting relatives and caregivers to ensure holistic wellbeing. Kirby is highly involved in training workshops which fuel professional development and contribute toward service provision with the main aim of providing research-based intervention. This form of intervention ensures that the best outcomes are achieved throughout the course of therapy.

Working within a multidisciplinary team and being trained in public speaking has equipped Kirby with skills which are crucial for the care of each individual client. Such training also provided the required knowledge to be able to advocate for clients whilst equipping parents, carers and educators with the required support and awareness.

Kirby is also reading for a Master’s degree in communication therapy. Her main aim is to contribute towards the research area of auditory and visual processing disorder in Maltese children with the aim of developing further knowledge about how these elements may impact the development of literacy skills in Maltese children. Being provided with the opportunity to work as a research support assistant at the University of Malta, Kirby has acquired further exposure to different research areas whilst working with different clients using innovative tools which ensure fun and interactive sessions.

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