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Mandy Brincat

Gestalt Psychotherapist

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Mandy Brincat is a Gestalt Psychotherapist working within the Willingness Team. She first graduation from the University of Malta with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Honours). Following this, she read for a Master’s degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy with Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute Malta (GPTIM). Throughout her Master’s degree, she involved herself in a number of volunteer work, where she worked with victims of domestic violence, eating disorders, and homelessness.


Besides working with Willingness, she also works as a therapist at an independent school in Malta. Thus, she has vast experience when it comes to working with children. As well as this, through her private practice work with Willingness, she also has experience working with adults on several issues. These involve, relational and communication problems, anxiety, stress, depression, motivation and self-esteem.


Mandy believes that when humans experience these types of issues in their lives, they tend to feel as if their world is falling apart. Due to this, she is extremely passionate to help individuals who are experiencing stressful or traumatic situations. She believes that she can help adults and children learn and accept all aspects of themselves to become whole.

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