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At Willingness, we prioritise community wellbeing, including that of your esteemed employees, through specialised staff training and wellbeing services. Enabling employees to live a fulfilling and anti-fragile life.

Willingness stands as the premier mental health team on the island. Established in 2011, with the vision of assembling a collaborative community of professionals committed to client-focused services and campaigns.

In 2023, Willingness received the prestigious award of Leader in Mental Health at the Malta Business Awards. Additionally, it was nominated for Social Impact at the LovinMalta Awards (2020), Entrepreneur of the Year (JCI Malta Awards 2022), and Entrepreneurial Accomplishment (JCI Malta Awards 2018).

Our mission is comprehensive: we strive to elevate mental health awareness, deliver direct support, and create an environment encouraging emotional wellbeing. We believe a collaboration with your organisation could synergize our efforts, extending the reach of shared mental health objectives

The below “Staff Training and Wellbeing” catalogue gives a more detailed view of the wide array of ways in which we can collaborate. Hence, we are open to discuss with you in more details over a meeting. Explore ideas in our catalogue or suggest any alternatives more suitable for your team.

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