Willingness|FreeHour Entrepreneurship School-Image Name
Willingness|FreeHour Entrepreneurship School-Image Name
  1. Creative thinking tools
  2. Innovative approaches towards ideas
  3. Collaboration, networking & teamwork
  4. Start-up culture
  5.  Researching feasibility of a business idea
  6. Turning a business idea into a business plan
  7. All aspects of what a business entails
  8. Public speaking & pitching
  9. Managing finances & budgeting
  10. Building your customer base & developing a marketing plan

Chances are you're still discovering who you are & what's your place in the world.

The typical education system doesn't allow space for discussions on business, innovation & personal growth.

That's why we came up with our own idea! A summer school tailor-made for you, to help you on your journey & have the opportunity to freely express your own ideas too.

Entrepreneurship Summer School is a 9-week summer programme for the dreamers and gogetters who are aged 13 to 16 years old. On many instances entrepreneurs Matthew Bartolo (Willingness, The Solutionists, ChildmindersMalta, etc.) and Zach Ciappara (FreeHour) discussed the lack of growth space for entrepreneurial minds several times. Along with other shortcomings in our education system, they believe that this is an area that Malta and Gozo need to seriously look into. In real Willingness and FreeHour style, Matthew and Zach rolled their sleeves up and saw what they could do about this situation. After consulting education experts, psychologists, and other seasoned entrepreneurs they came up with the FreeHour Entrepreneurship School by Willingness. Shirley Debono, a passionate educator in Entrepreneurship skills will be running the school in her usual unorthodox style.
Willingness Team – a team of over 65 professionals who come together to create innovative services and ideas, such as Sex Clinic Malta, Man Up Malta, and Dating101 workshops. Psychologists, business coaches, and educators from Willingness Team spent many hours coming up with a programme that will take your entrepreneurial mind to the next level. FreeHour – A media platform that takes it upon itself to educate its followers on what really matters. Experts in their fields will be lecturing on the programme.
This programme will focus on a mixture of hard and soft skills needed to push the entrepreneurial mind to the next level. A 9-week programme that will have 18 contact hours per week distributed over Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (8am till 2pm).

The Team

Willingness|FreeHour Entrepreneurship School-Image Name

Matthew Bartolo

Willingness|FreeHour Entrepreneurship School-Image Name

Zach Ciappara

Willingness|FreeHour Entrepreneurship School-Image Name

Shirley Debono

Guaranteed to be seen in 5 working days.