Online Counselling

Different modes of online counselling are used.  We tend to prefer Skype as through Skype the therapist can both see and hear you.

Skype is a software program used to call anyone, who also has Skype, for free.  This will give you the    opportunity to contact me during the session for free.  Some opt for audio only sessions.  This means that we could hear each other but not see each other.  It is like a phone call by via the internet.  Others opt for video and audio calls, including video in the conversation.  This makes it easier as we can see each other when interacting.


You will need:

1)   microphone,

2)   and headphones.  (These can be bought very cheap and as one piece of equipment)

3)  a webcam (if you opt for video and audio sessions)

4)  a good internet connection


Download Skype by clicking on Skype logo at the top of this page.


Click on Get Skype for Windows (if you have windows PC)

Click on Download now

When Download now is pressed a program would be installed on your computer.  Just follow the instructions provided by the same program.



If the session is being done with a couple it is very important that both can hear me and I can hear both during the session.  If a webcam is used it is important that I can see both clients at once.


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