Privacy Policy for Willingness Team

Welcome to the Willingness Team, a Malta mental health centre committed to providing top-notch assistance and treatment. This privacy statement describes our procedures when gathering, using, safeguarding, and disclosing personal data via the Cliniko app and our website.

1. Information … Read more

Willingness | 10 ways to Deal with Holiday Stress 

10 ways to Deal with Holiday Stress 

The holiday season tends to be associated with joy and happy moments. However, this special time of the year can also bring about holiday stress as there is a lot to do, activities to attend, presents to buy, money to … Read more

Willingness | <strong>The Mood-Food Connection</strong>

The Mood-Food Connection

The relationship we have with food is not simply about nutrition; it also reflects other aspects such as social dynamics and the influence on our emotional state. Food serves as an important medium for socialisation, celebration, and connection. Sharing meals … Read more

Willingness | <strong>How do therapists tackle parental alienation</strong>

How do therapists tackle parental alienation

Parental alienation is a difficult and emotional topic for both parents and their children. It refers to a situation where one parent attempts to turn a child against the other parent, often through manipulation and brainwashing. This can have a … Read more

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