Willingness|Online vs Offline Interactions

Online vs Offline Interactions

Undoubtedly, there is space and value in both online and offline interaction. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the value of having the opportunity to connect through online means. At a time when physical proximity was  not an option, being

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Willingness|Building Anti-Fragile Relationships

Building Anti-Fragile Relationships

Many believe that they should work on their relationship with their partner when something happens, or when they go through a rough patch and start to argue more often. Relationships are not like a lifeless object, if a couple goes

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Willingness|Can divorce be prevented?

Can divorce be prevented?

Divorce and separation have become more prevalent in our society in general. Not only has this become a more socially acceptable act between two partners, but its frequency is said to have increased as well around Europe. For example, if

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