What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation is extremely common in divorces, especially if there is conflict between the parents. It happens when one parent convinces their child not to engage with the other parent. This tends to happen when the parent talks against the

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My Anxiety is Affecting my Children

Parents are not immune to the feelings and emotions that are experienced by everyone else. While it is completely natural for parents to experience periods of anxiety, some may find themselves concerned about how their anxiety may be impacting their

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My teen is addicted to Roblox

When Googling ‘Roblox’, not only a virtual door seems to open but ‘the ultimate virtual universe’. Only the first page of search results makes us believe that this ‘global platform that brings people together through play’ and ‘lets you create,

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The psychological effects of retirement

My father just retired and has too much time on his hands. The psychological effects of retirement.

Retirement brings with it a lot of new experiences and psychological challenges that are in themselves unique, resulting in the retiree feeling overwhelmed

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