Willingness | Sleep in Old Age

Sleep in Old Age

Changes to sleeping rhythms are expected throughout the lifespan. However there is no association that decreased sleep and sleep disturbances are an inherent part of the ageing process. There are a multitude of factors that come from different domains affecting … Read more

Willingness | Not Being Believed

Not Being Believed

Older adults face numerous changes that happen concurrently with health issues that lead to pain. We have already discussed that chronic pain for example, involves a multidimensional and an emotionally complex experience for the older person. 

Embracing the Biopsychosocial Model

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Willingness | <strong>Healthy Dieting at an Old Age</strong>

Healthy Dieting at an Old Age

Having a healthy diet at an old age is paramount to having a healthy life. A diet can affect an older adult on multiple levels, including the physical domains, the psychological domains, and the social domains. 

Without a healthy diet, … Read more

Willingness | Taking Care of Elders Enduring Loss

Taking Care of Elders Enduring Loss

Old age often represents a series of losses, whether gradual or abrupt. Retirement entails losing one’s work role, the companionship of colleagues, and the structure of a full day, along with a reduced income. For those cohabiting, it may mean … Read more

Willingness | Part 1 - What is Delirium in Old Age

Part 1 – What is Delirium in Old Age

One of the most common disorders in old age is known as Delirium. This is a prevalent disorder that is unfortunately often times misdiagnosed and confused with other conditions with overlapping symptomatologies.

It is a condition associated mostly with a … Read more

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