Questions about Child Abuse

Many adults are uncomfortable talking with children who have questions about child abuse and are unsure of how to tackle the topic. Some children may have heard something and are curious and unfortunately, others may be victims themselves. The Office

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My son is violent towards me

Anger is an emotion that is felt by everyone; including children and adolescents. In fact, most adolescents express healthy anger, engage in conflict or experience frustration, especially during the transition from being children to becoming young adults. However, this anger

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Mealtime battles: 7 tips

Mealtimes can be tough for some families. Having a child who refuses to eat many foods offered can be frustrating for parents or anyone trying to help. This may not only have an impact on the diet quality of the

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Anxiety in Children

Childhood anxiety disorders are common and are experienced between 5 – 10 % of children (Thirwall, 2013). Anxiety disrupts many aspects of children’s development, the social aspect, the emotional side and the academic development. It also presents later life risks

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My teen is addicted to Roblox

When Googling ‘Roblox’, not only a virtual door seems to open but ‘the ultimate virtual universe’. Only the first page of search results makes us believe that this ‘global platform that brings people together through play’ and ‘lets you create,

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